The Importance of a Brand

Why branding matters

The goal of a brand is to differentiate your organization, product/services, and identity from that of the competition. While effectively positioning your business in the market is the main goal and benefit of branding, it also offers several other advantages:

Today a brand has to be an experience

Everything from your logo to the interactivity of your website is part of the total brand experience. The way your customer support team answers messages, the content published to your company’s social media profiles, the manner in which customers are onboarded for products and services – it all revolves around your brand. Your brand has the power to construct a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers. This experience is extended through various online channels, in-person interactions with employees, and other instances. When your brand is unorganized or not defined, this customer experience is disorienting and undesirable.


Brand Strategy

A brand strategy identifies the goals for your brand as well as how to best accomplish them using the various components of your brand including language, messaging, the logo, and trademarks (also known as a brand standards guide.) Your brand strategy will focus on how to utilize the brand across marketing and company efforts.

7 components your brand strategies will have:

  1. Purpose: I will define your company’s vision clearly.
  2. Consistency: I will ensure a seamless representation of your brand.
  3. Emotion: I will establish the tone of voice for your brand. 
  4. Flexibility: I identify how and when to pivot, if necessary.
  5. Employee Involvement: I will show how employees can best represent and promote the brand.
  6. Loyalty: I will show you how to recognize and appreciate your prospects and loyal customers.
  7. Competitive Awareness: I will analyze your competitors and determine how to differentiate your brand.



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