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What Content Marketing Does for Your Business:

Generates more leads

Raises brand visibility

Generates better leads

Demonstrates Thought Leadership

Reduces traditional marketing costs

Drives increased website traffic

Improves search engine ranking

Educates the marketplace

Doesn't Get Better Than This

There is no better and more affordable way to market your products and services today.

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Where do we begin?

Getting the Subscriber

I am always looking at what will be our best lead magnet content or (can also be referred to as bribe-to-subscribe offers). These provide immediate value to your subscriber. Subscriber being the key word here. Free content such as the type that would be considered at different stages of a sales funnel could be how-to guides, reports, webinars, white papers, e-courses, demo videos or even discounts and coupons. The goal of your opt-in content is to improve your subscriber’s life by solving a problem.

By joining forces with industry experts to create content for your site, you can meet many great goals:

  • Build relationships and co-brand with industry influencers 
  • Create more diverse and in-depth content that fit with the type of content needed at different stages of the sales funnel (easier to discover more marketing channels) 
  • Produce daily content that refreshes search engine page rank 
  • Build more exposure - authoritative content means promoting your credentials as an authority in your field
  • Promoting expertise within your company helps bring more people seeking the most knowledgable content on the web

 It has become the standard way for thousands of companies.

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Most brands actively produce content. However, even with a solid SEO strategy and amazing content, you stand a good chance of getting lost in the crowd. It takes a holistic look at the entire channel universe to allow content to flow to your prospects where they live online, whether it is in an inbox, a forum, a social site or a video.

Content partnerships and groups are often forgotten, along with events and thought leadership. 

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Content Marketing = Lead Generation

Different types of content will generate different numbers of leads for you, that is why strategy is important. At one point, in 2013, I generated 125 leads a month, out of over 500,000 monthly visitors. 

Today, I attract hundreds of potential clients every month, largely because of the type of content that I’ve come to focus on for lead generation. I create content for lead generation, plain and simple. With the right content, the promotions on a social media will be effective and distributed correctly.


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