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Dawn Willson has been writing, producing, and marketing content, and using content to market products and services, for over two decades. She has extensive experience in marketing, promotions, video production, marketing strategy and lead generation, all the while connecting brands to customers through content. 

As a consultant, Dawn advises companies and marketing teams on how to approach their strategy and what to produce to gain results for their marketing efforts. 

Dawn can scale up a marketing team within 24 hours due to a vast network of professionals she contracts on a periodical basis for projects and teams that need campaigns and ongoing work. 


Her Story

A Dawn that is here to Enlighten

At the ‘dawning’ of the economic crisis in the summer of 2008, Dawn was hunting for a job as a marketing director in Los Angeles, but there were no jobs. The head hunting agencies told her, they had never seen anything like it. As Dawn drove through the suburbs of Los Angeles, she then noticed all the for sale signs in everyone’s yard. She was informed that the five-year loans were all up and everyone was now trying to flip their home at the same time. As Dawn became more enlightened on the real estate bubble about to burst, she knew, this was it. The economy was finally going to constrict in America, perhaps, worldwide. It also meant a job was not in her future, since the first thing that companies do is cut their marketing departments. The best thing to do, she thought, when the economy is about to cut back, is to start a business. She knew the predictions of online marketing surpassing tradition advertising would speed up as a result of a deflating economy. The world had shifted: People were gathering information primarily through Internet search, video and social media. She had already been working as a writer, producer, marketer and information architect since 1991. Her time had come. Content was about to become king. 

Dawn knew it would take time for the economy to recover. So, she started out small and grew organically. She threw up a website, put a few adds on Craigslist and by the 2008 elections, when everyone was screaming the sky is falling, she had 35 new clients. Dawn was convinced - if she held strong, she would emerge from the economic crisis with unmatchable momentum. She practiced the very content marketing she sold to clients and made New Dawn Media one of her best case studies for Content Marketing. Today, as more brands transform themselves for the modern age of online marketing, Dawn is right there with their extensive expertise and talent. From the heart of content creativity itself, Los Angeles, Dawn has a solid team of experience ready to ‘show you the light’ in the current ‘Information Age’. 

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Her expertise has been built over time through extensive experience in content strategy, content marketing, writing, journalism, lead generation, website production, multi-media design, video production, business development, social media , analytics, conversion rate optimization, copywriting, and more.

Dawn increases awareness, leads, sales, engagement, and customer retention - it's not all about increasing traffic and likes.

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Legacy Building

I study your industry, audience and trends and build out processes and tactics that fit together in a strategy that meets the need of your business today and 20 years from now.

You will be amazed at what a real strategy and editorial calendar can bring to your content marketing efforts years after it has been released, but the thing that shocks all of my clients the most - it really works!

Once your content marketing campaign moves forward I will assess and measure efforts and adjust as I continue to ensure that your marketing is relevant and authoritative. I know how to build brands that maintain a competitive edge and brand legacy that lasts a lifetime. 

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