Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Essentially, PR is the art and practice of building relationships.

Content marketing attracts visitors to your website with content that educate and establish thought leadership, converting prospects at several stages throughout the marketing journey while nurturing current customers to build trust and loyalty to your brand.


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The Demand for Content Has Never Been Higher - It’s What Markets You AND Your Business

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Create the content that gets you results. Shoot us an email.

I study your industry, audience and trends and build out processes and tactics that fit together in a goal development that meets the need of your business.

You will be amazed at what a real strategy and editorial calendar can bring to your content marketing efforts, but the thing that shocks all of our clients the most - it really works!

Once your content marketing campaign moves forward I will assess and measure efforts and adjust as I continue to ensure that your marketing is relevant and authoritative.

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PR can increase search visibility and average click through rate by 283%

1. Build A Media Database

We will build a custom media database that includes business publications, blogs, and trade publications in relevant vertical markets to your business. We may have one already established in specific verticals. The information we track includes: outlet name, organization, phone, email, social profile links, areas of interest/beat, and notes.

How New Dawn Media Integrates PR into Your Content Marketing:

2. Editorial Calendar Alignment

Both traditional print publications and online publications publish editorial calendars that show the topics they plan to cover throughout the year. We will research the calendars of your target media, and look for topics that align with your marketing campaigns.

3. Pitch to Media Contacts

Once your media database and editorial calendar list are complete, we will then personally reach out to the bloggers and reporters looking for their next big scoop. We will draft a targeted pitch that is customized to the outlet and targeted journalist. This shows that the email is tailored, and hasn’t been manufactured by a mail merge. Then we follow up with a phone call.

5. Bylines and Guest Posts

Publications and blogs often accept contributions from outside writers. We will identify bylined articles and guest blog posts where your brand can expand reach, build quality inbound links, and drive referring visits to your website. We will approach the media to getting your information in front of influential bloggers and writers.

6. Content Partnerships

We will evaluate the associations and organizations in your network, when we research your database, and find out which ones have an expansive reach in your vertical. We will then consider ways to collaborate and distribute your content through their events, emails, and websites. 

7. Speaking Engagements

We will identify opportunities for your company’s leaders to speak at industry events. This will give you a platform to discuss relevant topics and showcase to the press and members of your target audience, as well as showcase your company’s credibility, thought leadership, and expertise. This is also an opportunity for video and photo ops.

4. Influencer Outreach

Does your eBook feature research from an industry influencer? Is the content highly relevant to an established writer on a major publication? Have you written your 6th book as an expert? If so, we will take a strategic approach to get the information in front of the top writers — and (hopefully) their audiences.

8. Industry Awards

Another aspect of building a database is finding and submitting your business and or marketing content for industry awards. We will scour the earth searching for programs, such as the Content Marketing Awards, that recognize excellence in marketing. Award programs are a great way to extend the life of your brand, and elevate your influence in the industry.


PR and content marketing share a common goal: to create a quality message related to our brand, relay and amplify. The two go hand-in-hand, and the best strategies include both. Your audience comes because of the earned media from PR, but stays for the owned media created for content marketing purposes.This includes, but is not limited to:

- Analyst relations

- Blogger relations

- Community relations

- Crisis communications

- Employee relations

- Media relations

- Public speaking

New Dawn Media is a consultant/remote agency based in Los Angeles, CA Orange County & D.C. We work with clients nationally and internationally.

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