This story literally and metaphorically dissects the life, mind, soul and genius of Einstein, during his last interview the day before his death, as he struggles to find the “Ultimate Reality”, his last theory. The scrutiny weaves into a shocking and dramatic twist - the interview is really a Hoover investigation into Einstein’s communist ties exposing the astonishing implications of his last theory - the power for man to create another universe, while unlocking the mystery of his secret lover.

A self-sufficient loner, he becomes a famous scientist, and self-sacrificing hero and the most hated Jew in Germany. Married to math & science, unfaithful to both wives - one which was a first cousin - he harbored a mysterious love, but saved his real passion for his music. A staunch anti-military pacifist, he joined the U.S. Navy to eagerly join in the fight against Hitler... which ultimately led to the atomic bomb.

See Hitler and Einstein together on the big screen, Einstein called Hitler a mouse and Hitler wanted to personally drag Einstein’s head through the streets of Berlin - and almost got the chance.

Einstein: Bio-Pic - Feature Film Screenplay - Completed

Dear Rocky: Drama - Book - based on a true story - Completed

Starting in September 2003, California housewife Dawn Willson accompanied her British husband to Spain for what she that was a two month vacation. Eight months later, on June 1, 2004 her husband abducted their daughter instead of boarding a plane back to America. Dawn returned to Spain immediately to get her daughter, and to her horror, discovered he ran! He returned a week later, keeping Dawn and her daughter hostage in Spain over the next 4 months. When her husband learned she would get legal custody and be allowed to return to the U.S. with their 3 year-old, he tried to kill Dawn - twice. It wasn’t until that day the US embassy finally stepped in to help them by flying Dawn and Rocky back home to America to safety. However, their nightmare was just beginning. A year later, much to Dawn’s horror, an American judge then ordered her three-year-old child returned to Spain in the custody of the father! Dawn then lost complete contact with her daughter over next three years and started helping other parents with their cases while she fought for the return of her daughter. She finally got reunited with her daughter in 2009.

Most international parental abductions take place once and then the children are returned or kept by the taking parent until adulthood. Like the famous Not Without My Daughter, which depicted the escape of an American citizen and her daughter from her abusive husband in Iran, Dear Rocky depicts the escape and international parental abduction of American citizen from Spain. However, this time it wasn’t a foreign terranical government like Iran that she had to fight, but the U.S.  ad Spanish government/courts, which enabled Dawn and her daughter to suffer 18 more international abductions over the next twelve years.

                                    “Not Without My Daughter” meets “Erin Brockovich”


Einstein: Documentary - Pitch

Every 1.8 Seconds A Child is Abducted

Only 1% Are Stranger Abductions

99% of Child Abduction Crimes Occur by A Parent or Family Member

This is a television series about the recovery of children that have been kidnapped by one parent from another parent and taken into hiding. The P.A.R.T team profiles cases involving the search for and apprehension, for a parent that has full custody and pick-up orders to bring the children home, but cannot get local law enforcement to investigate or find the taking parent and the children.

The idea for the show is based on the success of America's Most Wanted the show produced by Fox. At the time of its cancellation, it was the longest-running program in the network's history (24 years). John Walsh was selected to host because of the publicity after his six-year-old son, was kidnapped and murdered in 1981, which lead to the creation of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The show became the fledgling network's first hit series. The series began mostly highlighting cases involving the abduction of children. See sizzle video for P.A.R.T....

P.A.R.T.  - Parental Abduction Recover Team : Reality TV Series

Heroes of the Storm: Feature Film

There is so much information to this man, that a 2-hour movie cannot provide all the intricate details about him.

His success came from questioning conventional wisdom, challenging authority, and marveling at mysteries that struck others as mundane. This led him to embrace a morality and politics based on respect for free minds, free spirits, and free individuals.

- He told Churchill not to establish Israel and then was asked to become the 2nd president of Israel.

  1. -His brain was dissected after he died and sent all over the world to be studied.

  1. -Tyranny repulsed him, yet he joined in the fight against Hitler.

- Born with an enlarged head, he was thought to be retarded because he did not speak until the age of three and then developed a mild form of echolalia, causing him to repeat phrases to himself, two or three times.

Between 1986 and 1998 there were 15 shootings that took place within the United States Postal Offices. 41 people were killed.

From the words of a postal worker in Minneapolis, MN:

“It’s like the mafia. US soldiers went overseas in WWI in American’s first international war. They came back with no education and started families. They needed a steady job. However, those soldiers came back with a little drug habit. At first it started out small, just a few guys were bringing it in. Then their sons join up in WWII, only to come back with a similar problem. The post office was good enough for their dad, why not them?  By the time the 60’s hit and the summer of love happens, drug distribution and drug usage in America exploded. The postal office is now an institution inside an institution - run by families of generations of war veterans, paid to keep the shipments flowing. By the 80’s, hit drug imports are crack, cocaine and heroin - things start to slip, workers are “Going Postal”. The media reports the shootings are from stressful conditions. However, as this vein of poison flowed through the US Postal Service it was the network that helped build the country, starting with the car, the radio, the plane, the catalogue, and for the first time farmers had packages delivered. In the early days it was the glory days. It was a physical manifestation of the Internet boom of the 90’s. The postal system was created to help bind the new America together, yet, the vein of poison...  See the epic story of how it all unfolded between two best friends who helped build and destroy it together.

High Conflict - Reality TV Series

Making ___________ Great Again: Feature Film Synopsis - based on a true story - Treatment


The Verge : TV Series - Pitch (A spin-off series from the movie above.)

In the film, The Atlantis Parallel, we witness the societal collapse of an advanced society and the effects of the collapse to that society around the world. We see how the entire world is set back centuries in technology and survival due to an environmental disaster, but we also witness the economic instability, overpopulation, resource wars and the wars the Atlanteans had continually occurring at that time. We know of the history of the world since and how long it has taken society to advance back to a technologically advanced age.

In parallel, we are now living in an age of unprecedented change again, with a number of crises converging. Climate change, global economic instability, overpopulation, erosion of community, declining biodiversity, military wars and resource wars, have all stemmed from the availability of cheap, non-renewable fossil fuels. Global oil, gas and coal production is in irreversible decline over the next 10 years, and severe climate changes are already taking effect around the world. The coming shocks are likely to be catastrophic if we do not prepare. This series covers how the Transition Movement is growing across the globe and shows how the economic changes are already under way with Time Banking, the Bitcoin, Transition Towns and what many experts have learned since the crisis of 2008. We are all on “The Verge” of a new paradigm - Are you ready?

The main character in the film, The Atlantis Parallel, studies cycles of time, analytics, calendars, historical cycles, environmental cycles, analytics, and learns the world has a rhythm to it, in every way. Even the spiritual historical world had calendars and cycles that were followed that are studied by historians today. Astrologers study the timing of nature based on the positioning of the sky and know that astrological signs come from the analytics of studying demographics, thereby allowing the segmentation of groups of people to put them under different “signs”. This in conjunction with the measurements of the cycles of nature and the universe is how the Farmer’s Almanac and the American Indians continue to stay in harmony with their environment. The main character in the film discovers the calendars and reads about “The Transition” according to the Mayans a decade before she discovers current “The Transition Movement”.

The Live Compass magazine is a spin off of astrology, historical cycles and calendars from around the world and in different times in history to provide a “Live Compass” for those who want a better understanding of the cycles that drive them, the world, nature, history, the human spirit, human psychology, human nature and the environment.

This site is currently live and has been in business since 2011.

Click on the poster on the left and read your sign. Custom charts are available for sale.

Live Compass : Digital Magazine

Click on the posters below to learn more...

From the depths of the worst High Conflict custody cases in America DAWN WILLSON brings you the real stories of broken families and our broken system with a Crisis Team of “Masters” working together to change lives for the better.

High Conflict is a reality television show which chronicles five families as they’re provided crisis counseling and management for high conflict custody cases by Dawn Willson and the Crisis Team.

Host, Dawn Willson, a survivor of International Parental Abduction, was alarmed by the ineptitude of the courts to provide proper solutions to the high conflict battle she was forced to endure. After helping parents in similar situations through her non-profit connections, Dawn conceived the idea for a reality television series, which would authentically depict local high conflict cases stunted by the legal system with a non-adversarial approach to custody cases, as a sort of media intervention. From the depths of the worst High Conflict custody cases in the country come the real stories of broken families and a Crisis Team of “Masters” working together to change the lives of the children for the better.

By providing a much faster Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) from a team of professionals, from all sides of the issues, with in-depth analysis and solutions no other court has tried, Dawn hopes to prevent many children from becoming casualties of family warfare and from enduring years of expense and abuse.

As Diane sits in the Santa Ynez cafe, an old man (75-ish) approaches her and asks if she is a writer. She smiles, and says oddly, yes. He tells her he is looking for someone to help him get his life story on paper for his children. Diane is unemployed, so they strike a deal, but not before he asks what her heritage is. When she tells him her background is Prussian, now considered Poland, he is satisfied.

In the first session he tells of a wonderful life in Germany with his father, a respected farmer on a coastal town that borders Russia. The youngest of 8 children, he cries at the great memories he has of his childhood. In the second session, he describes the respect his father had from the area and how they came to him for farming advice. He then describes the day his father came home from a meeting held by a highly decorated veteran from WWI. His father announced they were joining the Nazi party. The man proceeds to talk about the wonderful social policies of the early rise of Hitler, with no anti-semitic talk. Session three, the man talks of his days of a Hitler youth and shows old magazines of competing in the camps and how happy his father and older bothers were to go off to war. Diane asks what he thought about Hitler killing over 6 million Jews, and the man insists it was all lies and that it was impossible, revealing that he is a holocaust denier, and how the people in his town were dumbfounded when the Jews returned from the war and were angry with everyone. It was clear, that the Germans at that time, still had no idea what happened. He then cries as he talks about how the Germans were forced to leave their homes and become displaced for two years, nearly starving. However, the twist comes when he is confronted by Canadian soldiers....

Heroes of the Storm is a film about two unlikely heroes in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, an awe-inspiring nail biter.

HEROES OF THE STORM is about two men, Alan Purwin, a top notch helicopter pilot and his camera operator and backseat IT guy J.T. Alpaugh.  This movie reveals the heroic stories that took place during and in the aftermath of the storm... a positive spin on the greatness of human sacrifice and a mission that went beyond the limits of what the US Coast Guard is capable of doing.

HEROES OF THE STORM is a feature film drama about the men and women in the United States Coast Guard, who risked their lives to save over 32,000 survivors in eleven days, after the Katrina storm hit New Orleans. The film focuses on four of the many incredible stories that broke during the storm and the immense challenges and heartbreaking choices faced by the rescuers and the heroes. It culminates in the emotional re-uniting of the four members of the Coast Guard and the featured individuals that they rescued.   Heroes of the Storm celebrates the POSITIVE success of the phenomenally life threatening rescue operation in the aftermath of this extreme hurricane.

  MAKING ________

  By Dawn WillsonMaking_____Great_Again.html